‘AWAKENING THE WARRIOR’ by Richard Charles Lawrence

The desire to train martial arts comes from a deep instinct in human beings to improve themselves. That desire may be sparked by a feeling of vulnerability or by a sense that there is more to life than merely existing.

Richard wrote this book to help identify a path that the individual can take to unlock their potential.

By using martial arts training as a vehicle, this book explores the process of personal development and crucially explains how to do it rather than simply what can be done.

With a host of examples from combat operations in the army as well as everyday life, this book is a brutally honest assessment of the human animal, the mediocre level that we typically operate at and the way to escape beyond that.

This book contains 57 illustrations by 2000AD artist Andrew Chiu, which have been described as ‘the best graphic representations of fighting in any martial arts book period’ by reviewers.

This is a book that can be referred to time and time again as you reach different points in your development – and can aid you throughout.


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