“When I look back at my school days, the moments that stick out most were when someone opened a door to a new range of possibilities. Those moments have shaped my life more than any other and gave me the direction I needed to follow fruitful endeavours beyond school and university.”

Richard Charles Lawrence


The ancient Greeks taught wrestling and music in school as a primary means of education. The reason they gave for this method of teaching was that it developed ‘character’.

Today, educators are increasingly aware that school must provide more than academic tuition if students are to be best prepared for life. At university, students are looking to join establishments that enhance their life skills beyond the gaining of a degree.

Our training starts from this premise: academic learning is important but is primarily a static problem-solving task – the problem does not change as we are trying to solve it. Most of the great challenges of life are dynamic problem-solving tasks. These require resilience and agility to overcome.

We use the vehicle of martial arts as a dynamic problem-solving task to equip students with the mental and physical resources to deal with chaos. This develops confidence and resilience, what the ancient Greeks called ‘character’.

All animals, including the human animal learn best through play, regardless of age. The games we play must be engaging and enjoyable to get the best out of learners. This training is designed to ‘open a door’ for students to unlock their potential.

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