Our Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) courses are designed for the beginner or novice fighter that wants to build a strong foundation in the sport of fighting.

The majority of our MMA students are looking to train as a recreation – a way of getting fit and physically capable whilst doing a fascinating, technical and fun activity.

Many of our students will have watched MMA fights and are looking to take that interest to the next level and participate rather than merely observe.

In these courses, you will train the key fundamentals of the sport, from striking and grappling to the ground and ringcraft. MMA combines elements from many different combat sports, including boxing, wrestling, judo, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu, whilst being a discipline in itself with its own distinct flavour.

We will use examples and footage of the top MMA fighters to understand the principles and concepts that drive our techniques. Our one-to-one tuition ensures that the training programme is best suited to your needs and allows you to learn and improve at a pace that is right for you.

Learning MMA is a hugely rewarding process that unlocks your physical capabilities as well as your skills in dynamic problem-solving.