Q. Do I need any previous experience?

A. No. Because our training is designed specifically for the individual, all experience levels can be catered for.

Q. Do I need a good fitness level to begin?

A. No. The process of learning will help you to get fit and advice on nutrition and activities to support your physical development can also be given.

Q. What equipment and clothing do I need?

A. For self-defence, you will need comfortable clothing and indoor shoes to change into. No other equipment is required. For MMA, you will need shorts of any kind and some MMA sparring gloves to start with. You may wish to obtain other protective equipment such as shin guards but we can advise on these as you begin your training.

Q. Do you include sparring in your training?

A. Yes we do in both the self-defence and MMA classes. Typically our sparring training is light and dependent upon your own level. At the beginning light ‘tap’ sparring is included to build confidence and timing. Many students are a little apprehensive about this aspect of training at first, but this quickly disappears as they discover how much fun this is.

Q. What ‘style’ of self-defence do you teach?

A. Our training is derived from Keysi – but this is a training method rather than a technical style. We do not seek to limit our technical information to a certain ‘style’. We have a conceptual approach based on understanding the principles of self-defence. The key to this is our appreciation of our own vulnerability. Opponents attacking you for real are typically emotionally driven and this results in a speed and intensity that are dissimilar to the measured game of combat sports.

Q. What are the aims of your courses?

A. To build a strong foundation. As with learning any skill, to get a solid base is vital and becomes the gift that keeps giving as time goes on.

Q. Who are your courses for?

A. Anyone who wants to learn but understands the value of focussed and bespoke training to get you started. Starting to learn is often the most challenging time as everything is new, But with a scientific approach and a safe and supportive environment in which to learn we can make best use of this time and create a skill for life.