Our now famous martial arts sessions for business came about largely by accident. Our chief instructor, Richard Charles Lawrence was asked to ‘inject some life’ into a firm by a former army comrade who had recently been taken on as the company’s operations officer.

Understanding the power of this training, Richard designed and delivered a session in one of the boardrooms. The noise of laughter and enjoyment brought the senior executives out of the offices above – who then promptly joined in the session, still clad in three piece suits and ties!.

The collective experience of this training had a lasting effect on the working environment in that company. Employees felt invigorated and open to new ideas and possibilities.

As a result of this first session, Richard was asked to deliver sessions to a diverse range of companies, from solicitors to insurance companies, housing associations to manufacturers.

The sessions can be held offsite or onsite (like that first session) and the training will be designed around the time and resources you have available.

If you have any questions or to make initial enquires about what training is possible, please ring Richard or use the contact form.